Vertux Manila Gaming Headphone

For Credit facilities .Customer must to shop for quotation.
Credit services offered through(C.I.M/ROGERS/DBM/ECO CREDIT)


  1. Item will be charged on Regular price. Promotion price  for CASH ONLY.
  2. Client must come on the spot with ID and required Documents.
  3. Dated Original quotation will be provided.
  4. -Quotation based on 36-48 Months based per your request. Negotiation for the length of payment may be discussed with your chosen credit facilitator (C.I.M/Rogers/DBM/Eco credit)

*Quotation via email are not accepted by any credit services (C.I.M/Rogers/DBM/Eco credit)
*Once Credit services approves and documents signed. Customer can pick up item in shop.

(i)   VIA Credit  : Rs.88 monthly with 0 deposit IF APPROVED

(Note for this option:  YOU NEED TO ALREADY BE A REGISTERED customer to Credit services (C.I.M/Rogers/DBM/Eco credit))

-REGULAR CLIENT TO Credit services (C.I.M/Rogers/DBM/Eco credit)

customer that require deposit to be approved Via Credit services : Rs.70 monthly with deposit Rs.635

Documents required for Credit application.
  1. ID CARD.
  2. Proof of address [incase the address is not on your family name: Birth certificate will be required]
  3. Payslip last 3 month
  4. Letter of confirmation from your workplace.
  5. Bank statement last 3 month –not required but will help process your application faster–
  6. Deposit 20% required

2,150.00 2,838.00

Manila Headset

Jump in the battlefield with this Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headset. Finely tuned 40mm speaker drivers provide unmatched sound clarity so that you hear every sneak attack. The exceptional sound is fused with RGB light on the outside for an ultimate gaming feel. The high-res, retractable microphone backs all of your team conversations. You can control the microphone smartly with the on-touch on/off button. Other than this, Manila also features an in-line volume controller. The gaming headset provides ultimate comfort with soft PU leather cushions, an adjustable headband, and soft earmuffs.

Specially Designed for Gamers:

Designed and developed with the professional gaming environment in mind, Vertux offers an enhanced gaming experience that gives the player an advantage over everyone else. It provides superior performance and an upgraded level of comfort that pulls you away from all outside distractions and keeps you fully immersed.

Surrounded by Sound:

The main strength of the Vertux Manila is the impressive high-quality audio it features. The sound is crystal clear, and we’ve reinforced the bass to give you more depth, something often neglected by other gaming headsets. Outstanding for video games,

Game-Changing Sound Depth:

Enjoy highly dynamic stereo depth with a powerful sound that delivers enhanced clarity that will back your gaming skills when it matters. Hear everything from subtle footsteps to distant noises and pinpoint enemy players quickly and precisely.

Isolate Your Game Experience:

Experience a battle-like environment with uninterrupted immersive sound quality when using the high-grade PU leather earpads that create a tight isolated seal. Making you more responsive and giving you a competitive edge that lets you make out directions easier.

Bendable Noise-Isolating Microphone:

Hear and be heard with ease using the retractable built-in high-resolution microphone that picks up your voice exceptionally well without unnecessary outside noises. Converse with your teammates freely and swivel the microphone as you feel comfortable.

Premium Ergonomic Comfort:

The padded earmuffs are fitted with soft synthetic leather that was tested extensively to ensure a long-lasting stress-free comfort offered by both the earmuffs and the headband. Allowing for long hours of entertainment without irritation or fatigue.

Responsive Audio Control:

Make quick volume adjustments without software interruptions and take control over everything with the in-line audio controller that offers responsive volume control and a physical microphone on/off switch that guarantees complete privacy.

Steel Reinforced Headband:

Manila is reinforced with a flexible steel headband that adds support and flexibility for all head sizes. It keeps the headphones firm, yet adaptable to different heads and flexes as needed with support for more adjustments when using the adjustable slider for a comfortable all-day ergonomic support structure.

Durable and Robust Cable:

The headphone cable is built-to-last with support for long-term use. It adopts premium materials that offer a durable braided structure that feels comfortable to the touch and offers a connection free from any interference.

Multi-Platform Compatibility:

Gain a competitive advantage on any device with superior hearing and easy volume controls when using Manila. The gaming headset supports all gaming platforms, including Xbox, PC, PS4, and smartphone using the universal 3.5mm audio jack.

Smart headphone with mic


Headset with mic

Smart Gaming Controls

The headset features an in-line controller allowing you to adjust the volume and the microphone with a one-touch ON/OFF button.

Marathon Gaming Sessions

The specialized ergonomic ear cup design and adjustable headband allow for hours of fatigue-free gaming.

Make Yourself Heard

Converse with your teammates with exceptional clarity using the high-res microphone.

Driver unit diameter: Ф50 mm
Sensitivity: 110 dB± 3 %
Frequency: 20 – 20000Hz
Impedance: 22Ω ± 15%
MIC Sensitivity: -38db ± 3db
Input Jack: Ф3.5 Stereo
Cable length: 1.5m ± 0.1m
Maximum Power Input: 100mW
Color Available: Black and Blue