DOBE Playstation 5 series multifunctional Cooling Stand

Product Description:

Features: 1. Product input power supply: DC5V/2A(Directly connected to the console through the original USB cable, the console USB port can provide maximum of 1.5A current, if you use other power supply, please ensure 5V 2A power is provided, if the supply current is less than 2A, the charging time maybe extended accordingly). 2. Product output charging current: If one single PS5 controller is charged, the maximum charging current can reach 700~800mA. If the two controllers are charged at the same time, the charging current can reach 400 ~ 600MA per controller(Note: on the precondition that the input voltage and current reach 5V 2A) 3. Working voltage and current of fans: 5V 300MA 4. Maximum fan speed: 3500 PRM, maximum air volume: 12.6 CFM 5. Product size: 222*194*43mm. 6. Material :ABS 7. Accessories: MICRO adapter 4pcs, 1USB charging cable.


PS5 Multifunctional Cooling Stand TP5-0593

For PS5


  • 【Unique dual charging design】Charging up to two DualSense wireless controllers simultaneously save the space occupied by multiple dock.Space capsule appearance design cater to the design style of PS5 controller and console, beautiful and practical coexist.
  • 【Wireless & Fast Charging】PS5 charging station with click-in charging design provides an easy and convenient charging method. Upgrade copper terminal charging ports make wireless controller fully charged in about 3 Hours.
  • 【IC Safe Protection】PS5 controller charging dock built-in intelligent chip which protect from over-charging/over-heated/short-circuit, there is no need to keep an eye on whether there is danger or not.
  • 【Red&Blue LED Indicator】Visible red and blue  LED Indicator will light up at the bottom of charging station while charging. Blue means fully charged or standby, the blue light will turn red when ps5 controller charging. When a problem occurs, the LED indicator will flash.


  • Price : Rs.1450