Bionics P120 A-RGB

For Credit facilities .Customer must to shop for quotation.

Credit services offered through(C.I.M/ROGERS/DBM/ECO CREDIT)


  1. Item will be charged on Regular price. PROMOTION PRICE  for CASH ONLY.
  2. Client must come on the spot with ID and required Documents.
  3. Dated Original quotation will be provided. *COPIES OF QUOTATION ARE NOT ACCEPTED
  4. -Quotation based on 30 Months Time. Negotiation for the length of payment may be discussed with your chosen credit facilitator (C.I.M/Rogers/DBM/Eco credit)

*Quotation via email are not accepted by any credit services (C.I.M/Rogers/DBM/Eco credit)
*Once Credit services approves and documents signed. Customer can pick up item in shop.

*Approved documents + Photocopy ID + Customer Signature Required for delivery.

(i)   VIA Credit  : Rs.107 monthly with 0 deposit IF APPROVED

(Note for this option:  YOU NEED TO ALREADY BE A REGISTERED customer to Credit services (C.I.M/Rogers/DBM/Eco credit))

-REGULAR CLIENT TO Credit services (C.I.M/Rogers/DBM/Eco credit)

customer that require deposit to be approved Via Credit services : Rs.85 monthly with deposit Rs.514

Documents required for Credit application.

  1. ID CARD.
  2. Proof of address [incase the address is not on your family name: Birth certificate needed]
  3. Payslip last 3 month
  4. Letter of confirmation from your workplace.
  5. Bank statement last 3 month –not required but will help process your application faster–
  6. Deposit 20% required

1,950.00 2,574.00


A-RGB for Full Colour Control

The 12 A-RGB LEDs installed in the BioniX P120 A-RGB are autonomously controllable. The BioniX P120 A-RGB is compatible with the common A-RGB standards of leading motherboard manufacturers for the simplest possible use. It can therefore be fully illuminated directly via the A-RGB motherboard connection or via an external controller and synchronized with other hardware lighting.

Easy Installation and Extension via Daisy Chain

The ARCTIC BioniX P120 A-RGB have a modular cable management and use two connections: a power-in and a connector output. ARCTIC uses an 7-pin connector for this, which forwards both the fan and lighting signals and considerably simplifies the cabling *. The included connector block also enables a wireless series connection.
 * all necessary cables are included

High-Quality Plain Bearing

Thanks to an alloy/lubricant combination developed in Germany, friction within the bearing is reduced, increasing efficiency.
In this way, less heat is generated, there is less bearing noise and the service life of the fan is extended.

Optimised for Static Pressure

With the BioniX P120 A-RGB, as with the entire P-series, special emphasis was placed on a focused airflow and high static pressure. The fan guarantees extremely efficient cooling, even with increased air resistance.

This makes the BioniX P120 A-RGB particularly suitable for use on covered case vents or inlets with filters.


Maximum Smoothness, Minimum Vibration

The operating noise of the newly developed ARCTIC motor is barely noticeable even at the lowest speed. Thanks to sinus magnetization, the P fan’s motor generates only 5% of the commutation vibrations of a conventional DC motor. In addition, the ARCTIC BioniX P120 A-RGB has rubber pads on its contact surfaces for further decoupling.


400 to 2300 RPM Regulated via PWM

With a wide speed range and the connector functionality, the fan speed of the BioniX P120 A-RGB can be controlled synchronously with other fans. This reduces the noise development to a minimum while at the same time guaranteeing maximum cooling performance.

Available as a Bundle or Individually

The BioniX P120 A-RGB is available as Singe Case Fan or in a Bundle, including 3 BioniX P120 A-RGB and ARCTICs A-RGB Controller.
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General data

General Specifications

Fan Speed: 400-2300 RPM

Airflow: 48 CFM | 81.55 m³/h

Static Pressure: 2.1 mm/H2O

Noise Level: 0.45 Sone

Operating Ambient Temperature: 0 – 40 °C

RPM Controll: PWM

Connector: 2x A-RGB Fan 8-pin Connector

Fan Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Electrical Specifications

Typical Voltage: 12 V DC

Startup Voltage: 7 V

Current: 0.13 A

Cable Length: 400 mm + 80 mm

A-RGB Specifications

Number of LEDs LEDs: 12 A-RGB LEDs

Typical Voltage: 5 V

Current: 0.38 A